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Feathers AS-D2 Safety Razor

Consisting of three pieces of high quality stainless steel, it is a masterpiece of technology and design rendered simply and without fuss.  The grip is made up of tiny diamond shapes for maximum traction and the handle is long enough to wield effectively without getting in the way.  The precision milling aligns the blade perfectly so that even with their insanely sharp blades there is minimal risk of cutting yourself.  It is not the most aggressive shave but unless you are part-werewolf it produces a smooth, close shave.  It is balanced so well that the weight of the razor (a hefty 90 grams) does most of the work but also allows great precision.  Naturally all this does not come cheap but it will last for ever (the one in the photos is over two years old, is used more or less daily and looks like it just came out of the box) and is a genuine pleasure to use.  It also has an extremely cool, minimalist stand which is essentially a cylinder of stainless steel.

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